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Voter Participation Center Mails 184,000 GOTV Notices to NC-09 Registered Voters, Weeks Before Special Election

August 28, 2019

VPC Targets Unregistered Communities of Color, Unmarried Women and Millennials in Crucial North Carolina Congressional Race 

WASHINGTON, DC – The Voter Participation Center (VPC) is mailing more than 184,000 Get-Out-the-Vote notices in late August and early September to registered voters in the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina, for the upcoming special election. More than 48 percent of eligible citizens in North Carolina did not vote in 2018, and VPC—the non-profit and non-partisan national organization—is encouraging eligible voters of NC-09 to participate in our democracy.

“Nearly 900,000 people of color, unmarried women, and millennials in North Carolina were registered to vote in 2018 but did not go to the polls, which is a stunning statistic. That’s why VPC is working so hard to help get out the vote ahead of the crucial NC-09 elections,” said Page Gardner, founder and President of the Voter Participation Center. “Our democracy should reflect the diverse people who live in our nation.”

The VPC mailings, which will be sent in three waves to 70,000 North Carolinians who voted in 2018 or have registered to vote since the 2018 election, include helpful instructions on where and when to vote. “Make your voice heard. Go to the polls and vote,” one of the mailers says. Other mailers offer voters a summary of how often they vote compared to others in the state.

The congressional seat for North Carolina’s 9th District has been vacant since the opening of the 116th Congress, when the North Carolina State Board of Elections refused to certify the results of the November 2018 election after learning of allegations of massive election fraud. After a congressional race replete with charges of obstruction of justice, perjury, and ballot tampering, the residents of south-central North Carolina deserve to have their voices counted and heard. The special election will be held September 10th.

Demographic Group

Percent of Total Eligible Voting Population in North Carolina

Percent of Eligible Demographic Group Unregistered to Vote

African American






Unmarried Women



Millennials + Gen Z

(18-38 year olds)



People of color, unmarried women and Millennials (including Gen Z) make up the majority of all eligible voters in America (62.1%), but they do not vote in proportion to their share of the voting-eligible population. One of the key reasons is their lagging registration rates. The VPC’s goal is to close the gap between the number of these Americans who could vote and those who do vote.

North Carolina has seen a steady rise in people of color, unmarried women and Millennials among the state’s vote eligible population. They grew by 17% from 2014 to 2018, according to a new report commissioned by VPC.



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